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Class 5 Math Worksheets

Visualize the geometrical concepts, logical thinking, transfer knowledge into practice, and a variety of other Grade 5 level skills. Develop constructive problem-solving ability, financial transactions with math, and more using Grade 5 Math worksheets.

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Geometry - Construct and Classify Angles

Students of Grade 5 can solve the worksheets on Angles and Classification of 2D Figures with the helps of concepts and methods like Measuring angles, acute, obtuse, and right angles, Common arm and common vertex, Adjacent angles, Complementry angles and more.

Geometry - Perimeter & Area of Regular Shapes

Class 5 Math worksheets consist of multiple choice questions on Perimeter & Area of Regular Shapes with the help of sums on Calculting distance and length, Finding perimeter and area of given figures, Formula for area of basic shapes.

Place Value up to 100 Million

5th grade math worksheets cover the topics of Place Value up to 100 Million with the subtopics and question categories like Millions, thousands and ones place value, Seperating digits in numbers with commas, Numeral form, Expanded form and more.

Compare, Order and Rounding Numbers

Grade 5 Math worksheets include questions related to Compare, Order and Rounding Numbers with the help of 7-digit numbers, Rounding off to nearest ten, hundred and thousand, Word problems. These concepts and methods help the students in understanding the topic better.

Arithmetic Operations

Math worksheets for 5th grade related to complex level mathematics. Find questions related to Combined Operations with the help of Quick division method, Quotient and remainder, Adding more than 2 numbers.


Math worksheet with questions on BODMAS or PEMDAS concepts with the help of Solving puzzles, Applying the right order for calculations.

Addition and Subtraction of Integers

Class 5 students can solve worksheets on Integers. It includes questions related to Addition and Subtraction, Counters, Negative integer, Finding greatest and smallest, Number line.

Multiplication and Division of Integers

Factors, Multiples and Prime Factorization

Math worksheets for Grade 5 students on Factors and Multiples. It includes questions related to Factors, Multiples, and Prime Factorization, factor pairs, common factors, prime factors.

GCF, LCM and Divisibility

Questions on Comparing and ordering numbers using different techniques like Prime factorization method, Common division method.


Learn and practice problems on classifying, comparing, and also identifying equivalent fractions. Also, develop skills to add and subtract fractions.

Roman Numerals

Grade 5 worksheets on Roman numerals that use letters to represent values perform operations like addition, subtraction, and conversion between Arabic numbers and vice versa.

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