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Class 1 Math Worksheets

Explore counting numbers, addition and subtraction strategies, composing and decomposing shapes, and other basic Grade1 concepts. Develop a strong foundation and intuitions by visualizing math using Grade 1 Math worksheets.

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Basics of Addition

Grade 1 Math Worksheets on Basics of Addition include adding within 20 using Visual and Concrete Models. The students are asked to answer with the help of horizontal and vertical addition sums, crossword puzzles, match the following and more such math solving techniques.

Basics of Subtraction

Students of Grade 1 can solve the worksheets on Basics of Subtraction with the help of concepts and methods like Number line, Counting backward, Subtraction in grid, correct colour code, sentence problems and more.

Associative Property of Addition and Subtraction

Class 1 Math worksheets consist of multiple choice questions on Associative Property of Addition and Subtraction with the help of sums on Properties of Operations, cummutative properties, Filling in missing numbers, writing addition and subtraction sentences

Commutative Property of Addition and Subtraction

1st grade math worksheets cover the topics of Cummutative Property of Addition and Subtraction with the subtopics and question categories like Properties of Addition, Associative, Cummutative and Identity property, Number sentences, Find missing numbers and more.

Story Problems on Addition and Subtraction

Grade 1 Math worksheets include questions related to Story Problems on Addition and Subtraction with the help of part-part whole, cherry diagram, number line, tens frame. These concepts and methods help the students in understanding the topic better.

Puzzles on Addition and Subtraction

Math worksheets for 1st grade related to complex level mathematics. Find questions to identify addition problems with the keywords: Total, altogether, in all, sum to solve Higher order problems on Addition with the help of magic square, stones maze.

Geometry - 2D Shapes

Geometry 2D shapes with the help of colour codes, missing parts, compound shapes, patterns and sequences, vertices and sides, who am I questions. The Shapes included in this worksheet are Square, Triangle, Rectangle, Rhombus, Pentagon, Hexagon, Octagon.

Geometry - 3D Shapes

Class 1 students can solve worksheets on Geometry 3d shapes. It includes questions related to naming shapes by looking at their pictures, Matching picture to name of the shape, Matching object to shape, Identify rolling objects, faces, vertices and edges.

Place Values - Tens and Ones

Math worksheets for grade 1 students on Comparing and Ordering Numbers. It includes questions related to Tens and Ones place value for 2 digit numbers, determining place value for underlined digit, Regrouping ones into tens, standard and expanded forms.

Comparing and Ordering Numbers

Questions on Comparing and ordering numbers using different techniques like Identify more and less, Comparison symbols, Number line, Arranging numbers, Identify greatest and least, Ascending and Descending order

Measure and Order Objects by Length

Solve grade 1 maths worksheets based on the concept of measurements. It includes questions related to Measuring objects by length, Measuring objects using paper clips, tiles, blocks, Measuring objects using inches on ruler, Arranging objects based on length.

Weights and Capacity

Class 1 math worksheets on the topic Measurements by weight and capacity. It includes questions related to Identify heavier and lighter objects, More and less capacity, Empty and full

Addition and Subtraction Facts

Math worksheets on Addition and Subtraction facts. Easy to understand questions based on colour codes, horizontal addition and subtraction, fact family, missing numbers, crossword puzzle, true or false, connecting numbers horizontally, vertically or diagonally, finding the path in a maze.

Addition Using Visual and Concrete Models

Class 1 math worksheets on Addition using visual and concrete models consist of adding multiples of tens, number line, find missing numbers, grouping addends, and addition sentences.

Addition Using Decomposition and Compensation Strategy

Math worksheets on Addition Using Decomposition and Compensation Strategy. It includes questions related to Forward counting, Splitting the number to add, Adding more than 2 numbers and more.

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