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Why Mathematical
Thinking for kids?

Mathematical Thinking is the ability to solve problems using the key mathematical skills of analysis, pattern identification, careful thinking and rational reasoning.

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Develops analytical and logical thinkability

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Simulates left and right brain development

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Promotes adaptability and decision making

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Builds solid mathematical conceptual foundation

How we are different than other math programs?

beGalileo analyses each child’s learning gaps and strengths and goes deeper to find out the root cause of the gaps. We work on filling these gaps to ensure deeper and meaningful learning through personalized instruction, delivered by state-of-the-art artificial intelligence through our online math classes for kids

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Our Program

Gift your child the power of smart thinking, confidence in her brain-power and absolute command over mathematics!
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beGalileo Online

For children aged 4 - 16 years

Mode: Online classes + Online practice & games

Works best for parents who want their child to learn math online beyond school curriculum with a focus on developing critical thinking skills right from the comforts of their home.

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Mathematical thinking program
360° learning through combination of offline and online mode
8 Monthly online math classes
Visually engaging, colourful, step-by-step do-it-yourself books
Math Games with a right mix of learning and fun
Thinking, reasoning and problem solving games for brain development
Engaging math learning videos to support the online math classes
MIDAS Skill Assessments
Intelligent personalized online platform with 500+ skills to practice
Speed math game to develop mental math skills
Parent app to track student progress
Aligned with curriculum of leading boards
Regular in-app interaction between Parent and beGalileo certified teacher to discuss student progress

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More Online features

What does
beGalileo offer?

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Learning Plan

A unique learning pathway based on the individual needs of each child identified by MIDAS.

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Math Mastery Software

Mastery of concepts through most advanced artificial intelligence based personalized and gamified math practice.

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Learning Videos

Animated videos designed using constructivist pedagogy to help the child visualize and understand math concepts.

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Math Workbooks

Visually engaging step-by-step do-it-yourself books, developed using psychometric data for kids – which make math fun, interesting & meaningful.

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Games and Puzzles

Designed to develop creative thinking, reasoning, spatial imagination, observational analogy and logical reasoning.

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Parent Engagement & Visibility

Comprehensive insight to your child's learning journey through online & on-demand reports, notifications delivered across channels like email, web, voice & chat.


Online Math Classes

Learn math online with elite and certified beGalileo teachers in scheduled weekly sessions. Our teachers are your child's guide and are trained to ignite the child's imaginatinon and instill the love of learning.

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Exclusive Teaching Aids

Our teachers use learning aids in online classrooms to make learning meaningful through deeper understanding of concepts

Meet the characters who will be part of the child’s learning journey in beGalileo

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