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Run your own independent Math learning center from home.

Whether its your own capability that you want to put to meaningful and rewarding use, or the desire to bring a change in how our next generations are being prepared! Either way, you have the best proposition in starting your own beGalileo center, bringing not just ample financial return but a great sense of accomplishment as you join some highly driven change-makers.

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Well planned and structured program delivered to you at your home by us.

Earn upto Rs 60000 per month with minimal investment.

An opportunity to utilize your skills with flexible timings.

We partner with you to grow your center.

You can join this mission by opening a beGalileo Learning Center at your home where students from age group of 4 to 16 years come to learn Math using world class pedagogy and technology.

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It’s a journey – more interesting, more satisfying every single day.
Hear from our Teacher Partners.

Women can be natural mentors, great motivators and off course – no one knows kids better. That apart, our teacher-partners are a class apart, when it comes to being self-driven to bring a change. We also make sure, they really enjoy seeing kids get better at math, better at thinking, analyzing & problem solving . Hear from some of them about what brings their best at beGalileo, how they love bringing a change in the learning quotient of the kids!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t worry. If you don’t have a teaching background, you can still excel as a beGalileo center owner. In fact, the backgrounds of our ideal center owners vary greatly – from engineers and accountants to teachers and homemakers, and everything in between. beGalileo franchise training is designed to level the playing field. We teach you all that you need to know about running a business that deals with math learning.

We understand that the thought of first-time business ownership is intimidating, but that’s the beauty of the beGalileo Learning Center model – a proven operating system has already been established. All you have to do is follow the path. A characteristic you must possess in order to run a beGalileo Learning center is a desire to help children. The byproduct of what we do is to change children’s lives for the better. If you have empathy and compassion, then your center will surely be a success. Overall, beGalileo learning center is an endeavor to make a positive difference in their community – for the parents and their children..

Once you sign on as a beGalileo Center, you are provided access to an online training which covers all aspects of the beGalileo center from the perspective of all stakeholders including the center owner, the student and the parent. Your materials for running the center are delivered at your door step along with the marketing materials. Once you finish the online training, your growth manager then takes 1-to-1 training sessions with you on how to conduct beGalileo sessions, student enrolment, parent orientation, marketing and support processes. You are also given an Operations manual for your quick reference. The training process does not end with the initial training. You are encouraged to attend trainings on best practices, new changes etc. at regular intervals through the year.

We are here to ensure that every center is a success. We help in student enrolment through parent orientation programs, marketing campaigns, marketing & promotion materials etc.

With beGalileo classes, a student will have 12 hours of class in a Month. One hour each for 3 days in a week or one and half hour for 2 days on weekends to run one batch (maximum of 6 students).

Teacher will have portal training and live session training conducted online. Portal training can be completed within 2-3 hours through your Computer/Mobile. Live session training will be conducted for one and half hours for 3 days.